Through innovation we constantly evolve with the market and the demands of consumers. For that reason we find a modern, up-to-date infrastructure important. We handle the latest technology and quality norms in order to achieve a maximum of customer satisfaction. Entiris holds the following permits, norms and certificates:

ISO 9001: 2008 - certificaat

ISO 9001 is and international norm for quality management. It can be used to assess whether an organisation is able to meet the demands of clients that apply to the product (and derive from laws and regulations) as well as the requirements of the organisation itself. Accordingly the requirements form among themselves good linking points for establishing and implementing a quality management system. In the most recent edition of the ISO 9001 norm, these requirements are clarified and a better coordination is achieved with the norm for environmental management systems.

Stated simply, ISO 9001 can be expressed as follows:
  • Say what you do
  • Do what you say
  • Prove it

Good Manufacturing Practice of GMP - certificaat

Good Manufacturing Practices, “good methods of production” of GMP is a quality assurance system for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry and the foods industry. The quality of a medicines can never be fully determined by analysing the composition. Not all possible contaminants can be detected and every pill cannot be analysed. The quality can therefore only be assured if the entire production process is carefully prescribed and checked carefully as it is executed. This method of production, called Good Manufacturing Practice, is therefore a requirement in the production of medicines.

In GMP it’s important to specify precisely how and under what conditions a product is made. During production, all raw materials, intermediate products and final products are checked and the process is kept precisely on the so-called preparation protocol. If afterward there appears to be something wrong with a specific batch of medicines, then one can always track how it is made, how tested it, where and what raw materials were used, and so on… This permit applies to our clean rooms and low-dust rooms in the Entiris department Diest.

IFS Food - certificaat

Entiris holds the certification “International Food Standard”, often referred as IFS or also IFS Food. This is an international standard in the area of food safety, meaning uniform control of the safety of foodstuffs and the quality of producers in the foodstuffs chain.

ESF - certificaat

The Europees Sociaal fonds (ESF) stimulates the Flemish organisations for the purpose of strengthening the labour market and increasing opportunities for employment. The funds helps to re-train people for a new job or accompanies them in the search for a first job. Companies will receive assistance in coordinating the balance between work/private life for their employees and the structure of their work organisation. Also, socially vulnerable groups such as those with little education, immigrants and persons with occupational disabilities are involved. Furthermore, the ESF-Agency stimulates organisations to innovate and work internationally.

Authorised Warehouse Keepers

Entiris holds the title authorised warehouse (or authorised warehouse keeper), better known as an excise permit. This means that we as a business comply with all legal regulations and requirements for stocking and processing alcoholic beverages.


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