Blister packaging

You want to package your product, but you don’t know precisely how? You want to improve your current packaging? You have often got the message that the packaging you’re looking for cannot be made? Then you’ve come to the right place! We will look for the right solution for you starting from the design. Our technical skills, creativity and drive to innovate are well known.

Blister packaging

You think your own design is too expensive? Think again! Look at the options with our designers. With their years of experience they will find the right solution. Because we make our dies ourselves, we are also strong in small-scale serial production. Our lead-time is very short from design to delivery.

A heat seal blister is a blister pack that is sealed onto a coated blister card. In the case of high frequency blisters, each blister is welded to the other (anti-theft packaging) and this can be done with or without a card inside. A folding blister card is of the type in which the top and bottom of the blister are connected with a hinge. They usually close with a locking ridge. A sandwich blister has two printed cards that form the front and back of the packaging and are sealed to each other. The blister thus sits between the 2 cards. A peel-off blister has a backing of aluminium foil or plastic film that can be peeled off.

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