Machine packaging

You don’t need to invest in packaging machines: we work as a contract packaging firm (co-packer or contract packer). Thanks to years of experience with different packaging machines and the various techniques we are your ideal partner.

Flowpack is a type of packaging in which we package solid products, cards, gadgets and printed materials in film packaging. This can be done with or without eurolock. Shrink-wrap film is a transparent plastic film for packaging material. When heated it shrinks tightly around the material. Among other things it is well suited for packaging cans and tins. Open shrink-wrap: is a shrink-wrap packaging with openings along the sides and closed shrink-wrap: is a completely closed shrink-wrap packaging. Cellophaning is also one of our services. Sleeve is a film in the form of a cylinder that is shrunk around the product. We always work with unprinted film. Clients can provide printed forms themselves.

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