Through innovation we constantly evolve with the market and the demands of consumers. Therefore we believe a modern and up-to-date infrastructure is important. We use the latest technology and quality norms in order to achieve a maximum of customer satisfaction. Our Clean-department in Diest has the necessary permits (GMP) from the Federal Agency for Medical and Healthcare Products (FAGG) in order to do secondary packing of human and veterinary medicines.

Good Manufacturing Practice of GMP - certificate

Good Manufacturing Practices, “good manner of production” or GMP is a quality assurance system for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry and the foods industry. The quality of a medicine can never be fully determined by analysing the composition. Not all possible contaminants can be detected and every pill cannot be analysed. The quality can therefore only be assured if the entire production process is carefully executed in a precisely prescribed and controlled manner. This method of production, called Good Manufacturing Practice, is therefore a requirement in the production of medicines.
In GMP it is important to specify precisely how and under what conditions a product is made. During production, all raw materials, intermediate products and final products are checked and the process is precisely registered with the so-called preparation protocol. If afterward there appears to be something wrong with a specific batch of medicines, then one can always track how it is made, who tested it, where and what raw materials were used, and so on ....


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