Green Service

Our employees have green thumbs! Our comprehensively trained team handles both landscaping and maintenance tasks in the streets and parks of your municipality, city, county, or company. Our sheltered workers mow lawns, trim hedges, remove weeds, plant various types of greenery, and pave parking lots and driveways.

Green work for government and businesses

Are you searching for an external partner to maintain your parks and green spaces, ensuring they look pleasant year-round? If so, you’ve come to the right place at Entiris. Our sheltered workers and their supervisors possess exceptional green thumbs, which they would be delighted to put to use for you. Among other tasks, our teams can perform the following services. Additional tasks can also be discussed during consultation.

Garden landscaping and maintenance for businesses

Looking for an outside partner to handle the construction of your parking lots and driveways and maintain your green space? Then you’ve come to the right place at Entiris. Our sheltered workers and their supervisors have very green thumbs that they would love to use for you. The following tasks, among others, our teams can perform for you. Other tasks can also be discussed in consultation. Other tasks can be discussed by mutual agreement.

We blijven mensen helpen hun passie in hun job te vinden

Garden landscaping in brief

By landscaping we mean laying out a garden, paths, parking lots and driveways according to your plans.

Our workers work under the supervision of their supervisor. This ensures that the right plants, hedges and trees are placed in the areas provided. In addition, we also pave the future paths, parking lots and driveways.

Planting a garden is fairly repetitive work. So our workers are ideally suited for this. They carefully consider every detail so that your new garden or park is built to specifications. Their supervisor does a final quality check after this and makes adjustments as needed.

Why choose Entiris?

Experience, accuracy, and drive are at the core of quality green services. Our sheltered workers consistently exhibit the latter two traits. Experience is acquired under the guidance of our specialized supervisors.

On top of all the economic benefits for your business, you also provide a lot of people with the chance to further integrate themselves into our society. In short, partnering with Entiris is a sustainable choice in both budgetary and societal terms.