Machines cannot handle all assembly work. There is a limit to automation. Entiris provides autonomous, helping hands that make a difference.

Assembly within various industries

We thoroughly prepare our employees for the work they perform. This ranges from electrical assembly to metal part assembly and everything inbetween. Repetitive work is their superpower. They work with unseen efficiency and precision, completing a variety of different, repetitive tasks.

The assembly of medical devices must be done in a clean room, which we can provide. All kinds of medical devices such as IUDs, safety holders for hypodermic needles and even surgical instruments are assembled here.

Our projects in other industries take place in our various departments or on site, in your own company. Entiris specializes in manual assembly and a hybrid form which combines manual and machine assembly. Our supervisors set up the machines correctly and our employees perform simple actions to operate these machines safely and efficiently.

We blijven mensen helpen hun passie in hun job te vinden

Why choose Entiris?

Our specialized employees use their strong, fine and highly skilled hands to complete all your assignments. By thoroughly training them beforehand and continuously supervising them throughout the project, they are your future specialists of choice for assembly work.

On top of all the economic benefits for your business, you also provide a lot of people with the chance to further integrate themselves into our society. In short, partnering with Entiris is a sustainable choice in both budgetary and societal terms.