Entiris provides both manual and machine packaging solutions for all kinds of products. Our teams specialize in repetitive work, which makes packaging work one of our strongest assets.

A solution for all your packaging needs

We specialize in packaging large quantities of a wide range of products in a variety of forms and techniques, with or without specific requirements (food, medicine, antistatic…). If required, we can combine packaging with printing dates and lot codes, applying stickers, quality control, mixing different types… Strong anti-theft packaging is also one of our specialties.

Entiris provides many different high quality packaging solutions. To kick off our partnership, we’d like to go over your wants and needs to provide a tailor-made solution


Packaging Specialists

Entiris provides its clients with tailor-made packaging solutions. First off, we’d like to determine the best solution by getting to know your wants and needs. Then, we start packaging your goods with unseen efficiency and precision.

Even for large packaging orders, we guarantee a short lead time. This is made possible by our scale and thorough preparation.

We have offered packaging solutions for over 60 years. The machinery we’ve acquired throughout the years can respond to all your requests.

But that’s not all, our experienced technical department swiftly designs and creates the necessary machine tooling needed to start packaging quickly.

We hate waste and love good ergonomics that maximizes our employees’ performance. We work smarter, not harder. Our partners appreciate this time and again after we finish their packaging jobs both qualitatively and efficiently.

We perform our packaging work in our production zone spanning 56,000 square meters. If your products require a conditioned space in terms of temperature or humidity, we use our specialized zone spanning 9,300 square meters. We even have clean rooms class 7 in operation at our disposal.

Different packaging types

We package your products and perform strict quality control, if required. We provide both manual and machine packaging.

We pack a certain quantity of basic packaging (primary packaging) to prepare it for transport to wholesalers, stores, and so on. These can, of course, be different products. Consider an assortment of goods you want to deliver to a store, a gift package of goods you want to sell together…

You can also contact us for packing bulk goods into smaller quantities. A few applications: providing goods with new packaging for wholesale/retail, customized packaging for technicians on the job…

Manual packaging or machine packaging?

Automation has its limits. Our employees surpass these limits. They carry out your assignments completely to perfection. As a contract packer, we provide our packaging machines, but also our skilled employees who find a solution to every problem.

Machines can’t do everything, our employees can do more. Sometimes, the best course of action is to package products manually. Consider fragile goods, a certain orientation that is desired, quality control, additional manipulation of the goods…

The following activities are among our manual packaging capabilities:

  • Repackaging, packing and wrapping
  • Setting up and filling displays
  • Compiling promotional kits: gift wraps, gift boxes, goodie bags…
  • Compiling customized medical kits for laboratories & hospitals
  • Filling according to numbers and volume (counting & weighing)
  • Stickering, coding, (re)labeling
  • Application of anti-theft stickers
  • Quality control

Thanks to our years of experience with different packaging machines and techniques, Entiris is your ideal partner for all your packaging needs. Under close supervision, our sheltered workers also use machines, both in our productions zones and on site.

We have our own specialized machinery. Very convenient, of course, since you won’t have to invest a large sum to kick off your packaging. Is something still missing? We would love to discuss your wants and needs in detail.

Our offer is very broad. Whether you need flowpacking, cellophaning or shrinking: we can provide it. We have even mastered paper wrapping and banding.

Blister packaging is one of our specialties, whether it involves heat sealing or high-frequency welding. We design and form our own blisters using molds, which we also design and make in-house. One stop shopping!

We blijven mensen helpen hun passie in hun job te vinden

Why choose Entiris?

A short lead time and efficient processes are at the heart of a packaging job at Entiris. Our scale strengthens our ability to meet customer packaging needs punctually. Our word is our word, and we keep it.

On top of all the economic benefits for your business, you also provide a lot of people with the chance to further integrate themselves into our society. In short, partnering with Entiris is a sustainable choice in both budgetary and societal terms.