Sample books and sample cards

We produce sample books and sample cards for selecting wall coverings. Architects find these products invaluable so they can provide their clients with options so they can make a reasoned decision. Thanks to our dedicated employees, the perfect presentation of your collection comes to life.

Some solutions for your sample books listed

We process various kinds of wallpapers, including digital wallpapers, traditional wallpapers, and wall coverings with diverse structures. From simple to highly complex and from basic to luxurious wallpapers, we custom cut them to your specifications and incorporate them into a stunning sample book. Moreover, our eye-catching, beautifully finished covers are enhanced with screen and foil printing. The end result is truly impressive!

We also specialize in creating sample cards, accurately gluing samples in an array of sizes. These sample cards can then be assembled into presentation folders or ring binders, for example, and bound or integrated into a sample book.

When machines are no longer capable of completing a task, the ingenious and precise hands of Entiris employees get the job done.

We meticulously customize the content of your sample books to the desired size and positioning. We then finish with a flat or serrated cut. We can also apply foil or screen printing on various materials.

Additionally, we create covers in a unique and personalized design tailored to your preferences. Should you desire wire-o binding and seek pre-press assistance from our team, we can effortlessly accommodate your needs.

We provide advice on the use of raw materials, taking into consideration price, quality, and sustainability. Like you, our primary objective is to produce the most visually appealing sample books to showcase your products effectively.

We can glue samples of your product onto cards, brochures, or folders using glue screens and molds. If the samples are more challenging to attach, we employ alternative techniques such as hot melt or double-sided adhesive tape.

Finally, we can assemble your cards into various presentation formats, including ring binders and sample books.

Considering alternative concepts for presenting your product? We will collaborate with you and keep exploring until we find a solution that meets your satisfaction.

You can always rely on us for a comprehensive finish from A to Z under one roof, making the process convenient and seamless.

Crafting, lining, bundling and more

Swatch book production consists of many repetitive aspects. Think compounding, adhesive bonding, bundling, perforating, labeling, and so on. This type of work is the perfect match for our sheltered workers.

They derive great satisfaction from performing repetitive tasks perfectly. Whereas with other employees, motivation sinks through the floor after a while, with our workers it stays on point. As a result, you get quality end products that are always identical. In terms of quality, efficiency and motivation, sheltered employees have an edge.

We blijven mensen helpen hun passie in hun job te vinden

Why choose Entiris?

Producing sample books and sample cards in large quantities while maintaining attention to detail and impeccable execution is not a simple task. At Entiris, we are dedicated to achieving this every day, all year round. You can rely on our commitment to excellence.

On top of all the economic benefits for your business, in this way you give a lot of people a chance to further integrate into our society. In short, choosing Entiris is a sustainable choice in both budgetary and social terms.