Site work: our employees on site in your company

Do you prefer to have some work done in your own company or is there an increase in demand that needs to be accommodated? Our flexible team is ready to help you out of a jam. Under the guidance of their enthusiastic, experienced supervisors, they perform all kinds of tasks in your warehouse or production department.

The benefits of Entiris on site

One of the biggest advantages of having Entiris on site is that the outsourced activity can be fully integrated into your production process.

You save costs and time since you don’t have to relocate goods or machinery. This logistical advantage also allows you to respond very flexibly to rapidly changing circumstances.

Because our employees have been working with the same colleagues and the same supervisor for a while, they are now perfectly in sync. Their workplace and the work they perform change regularly though, which provides them with valuable experience that they use to bring every single project to fruition.

The supervisor provides appropriate training and education so every employee knows what their role is in each project. The supervisor remains vigilant throughout the project and ensures that the work is done both efficiently and in line with regulations.

After discovering these benefits, you’re probably wondering about administration. This one, Entiris takes full control of. That way, you avoid administrative headaches and your employees can focus on their core activities.

En de administratie?

Na het ontdekken van deze voordelen vraag je je waarschijnlijk af hoe het zit met de administratie. Deze neemt Entiris volledig in handen. Zo vermijd je administratieve kopzorgen en kunnen je medewerkers zich focussen op hun kernactiviteiten.


In order to be as transparent as possible, we would like to share a few practical things.

Our sheltered employees always follow daytime schedules. Shift work is unfortunately a no-go. Don’t let this deter you from contacting us. Together, we can explore alternatives to find a proper solution.

Sometimes, a run-in period is necessary when kicking off new projects. We keep these as short as possible by providing specific training in collaboration with you. Hands on, that’s how we roll. Once this period is behind us, our sheltered workers offer both superior efficiency and quality. This makes it so every partnership is optimally profitable in the long term.

Our customers’ satisfaction increases time and again as the partnership progresses – a fact that we’re proud of. Of course, we aim to continue this positive trend.

We blijven mensen helpen hun passie in hun job te vinden

What does a sheltered workshop do?

Industrial-scale projects, demanding solutions for the medical or food sector, specific standards and regulations or challenging packaging assignments? No problem. Entiris likes to think alongside you. We tailor our production processes and personnel to your needs, both on site and in our own workshops.

Our employees, who are distanced from the labor market, form our core. They are highly motivated, competent and guarantee both quality and efficiency, time and again.

Why choose Entiris?

For more than 60 years, Entiris has partnered with companies short on production workers, either temporarily or permanently. Our strong and very capable employees take over the company’s repetitive work and ensure both quality and efficiency.

On top of all the economic benefits for your business, you also provide a lot of people with the chance to further integrate themselves into our society. In short, partnering with Entiris is a sustainable choice in both budgetary and societal terms.