Medical devices

Medical devices are used to diagnose, treat or monitor patients. Often these devices are assembled by hand in a highly regulated clean room environment. A perfect fit for Entiris.

Assembly and packaging of medical devices

Our specialized sheltered workers assemble and package medical devices such as IUDs, IVF products and safety holders for hypodermic needles. This procedure is carried out under the supervision of our specially educated team leaders.

The advantages of Entiris in the field of medical devices:

Three words: quality, quality and quality. Certainly in this industry, we won’t settle for anything less.

Our team consists of skilled employees, chosen for their exceptional fine motor abilities, enabling them to perform with utmost precision in sterile, clean room environments.

Our ability to swiftly and adaptably cater to your requirements, sets us apart.

We uphold high quality standards as a second nature.

With 40 years of experience in this business, we are well-equipped to handle your projects with ease and are eager to put our expertise to work for you.

Careful monitoring

It is important to emphasize that sheltered workers must be carefully selected and monitored. This ensures the quality of medical devices and prevents endangerment of patient safety. Therefore, at Entiris, we emphasize quality by providing our sheltered workers and their supervisors with extensive training and the necessary guidance.

Cleanrooms ISO
class 7

Assembly and packaging of medical devices, given that these products come into contact with or are introduced into the human body, require the utmost care. It is imperative that they are flawless. To ensure this, our Clean department operates in several clean rooms covering a total area of 1,000 square meters.

These rooms are equipped with the necessary technical installations that meet the applicable standards (ISO class 7 during operation). However, technical systems need competent personnel to operate them, which is why we prioritize the training and mentoring of our employees.

Why choose Entiris?

Meeting the strictest standards for certified clean rooms is a must in medical device assembly. We fulfill these requirements and also possess the skilled hands required for precision and quality. This is evident from our 40 years of experience in the medical device industry.

On top of all the economic benefits for your business, you also provide a lot of people with the chance to further integrate themselves into our society. In short, partnering with Entiris is a sustainable choice in both budgetary and societal terms.