In about 50 years, customization company Entiris has grown to become one of the larger employers in Flemish Brabant and Antwerp, with 1,800 employees in various branches. The company provides adapted vocational activities to people with a recognized distance from the labor market.

“Entiris has a pronounced social objective that we link to a cost-efficient and business-friendly way of working. A support team of 250 staff members ensures that over 1,500 people with a recognized distance from the labor market can work sustainably every day in jobs tailored to their needs. This enables us to provide the services we offer to our customers in a high-quality manner,” says Koen Van de Cruys, managing director.

“We are not different from an ordinary company in terms of quality and efficient work. We do differ by our social objective: we strive for sustainability in employment, where people are central. Putting people first, striking a good work-life balance and delivering quality, we achieve this by testing our daily operations against five core values. We summarize these in the acronym ‘Pro Brio’:’Pro’ of professionalism, ‘B’ of commitment, ‘R’ of respect, ‘I’ of integrity and ‘O’ of openness.”