Management Trainee Engineering

Do you have a heart for people? Do you understand economic reality? Do you also want the best of both
worlds? Then you might be our new colleague:


With employment in various departments

  • Have you just completed your master’s degree (graduated max. 2 years) and now want to put theory to practice?
  • Now you want to start applying your abilities in a company that is bulging with challenges?
  • Do you eventually aspire to a managerial position with many responsibilities?
  • Are you convinced that the path there starts with your feet in the daily operation, getting to know the company through and through?
  • Do you want to go the extra mile, by getting involved in an organization where everything runs the same as in a regular company, but with the social objective always at the forefront?
  • Are you fascinated by technology?
  • Do you have an analytical mind and can you prioritize well?
  • Do you possess a lot of enthusiasm?
  • Are you a go-getter who does not give up at the slightest setback?
  • Does the phrase “I’m not waiting for explicit instructions, but I tackle things myself” apply to you? Do you roll up your own sleeves to get the job done?
  • Are you flexible enough to seize unexpected opportunities and deal with unforeseen problems?
  • Are you able to make informed decisions and defend them, to take responsibility for your own projects?
  • Do you communicate clearly and to the point, both in writing and orally? Do you have a no-nonsense mentality?
  • We work out a 2-year program for you. What you will do and learn during the period depends in part on your interests and expertise, but also on the needs and opportunities of the organization.
  • Our trainees must be willing to roll up their sleeves: the best way to get to know our organization is to do things yourself. You will be working regularly in the first few months with our production workers, to fill a display yourself, pack chocolates, work with a staple gun … And when you’ve mastered that, it’s time to manage a group of our employees, while achieving qualitative and quantitative production goals.
  • 1 thing we can assure you: our production departments are the best classrooms in the world, and our employees the best teachers to get to know the Entiris world through and through, and to become imbued with the Entiris corporate culture.
  • But that’s not all: you’ll also soon be shadowing the Entiris engineering manager, getting a feel for the technical ins and outs of the organization. Are you good at setting up and pulling projects forward? Want a taste of how projects are embedded in the operational workings of the organization? You will certainly have every opportunity to do so.
  • After all, we are all too happy to invest in the Entiris leaders of the future!
  • The opportunity to gain experience in a large company with lots of variety in activities, locations, and employees, each with its own challenges, with the possibility of advancing to a position after the traineeship that is in line with your potential, ambition, and expertise. And that’s just the beginning of your career path within Entiris!
  • Great potential for learning and coaching opportunities.
  • Reward for your hard work in the form of a competitive salary, supplemented by fringe benefits.


Then send your CV with motivation letter to
For more information, you can also contact Goele De Ceulaer at 016 94 60 78 and at

Why work at Entiris?

Entiris is a sheltered company with 1,700 employees. We have branches in Aarschot, Bornem, Diest, Heistop-den-Berg, Kampenhout, Kessel-Lo and Mechelen. Our enthusiastic team is committed every day to providing our sheltered workers – people with a recognized distance from the labor market – with a full-fledged job.

This is how we link our stated social objective to a socially and commercially responsible way of working. We work as a subcontractor for multiple companies – including in packaging of goods, medical materials and food, assembly and green services. The products we supply to our customers must meet the highest standards.