Collaboration with H.Essers

Maatwerkers verpakken pralines

We have been working with one of the largest and fastest growing transport companies in Belgium, H. Essers, for some time. But in 2010, this collaboration was greatly expanded and with our start-up in the Essers’ premises in Kampenhout.

Engage interimmers? Why not sheltered workers?

Maatwerkbedrijf / beschutte werkplaats Entiris Aarschot

If you’re looking for extra help in your business, you’ve probably heard of two common terms: interim and sheltered workers. Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are differences between these two types of employees. In this blog, we explain what those differences are. Why choose sheltered workers? Are you starting to feel the […]

How much do you earn at a sheltered workshop?

Maatwerker op locatie

Entiris is a sheltered workshop. These are organizations that provide employment opportunities for people who are distanced from the labor market. These may include people with disabilities, lack of education or experience, or long-term unemployment. One question about sheltered workshops that is often asked: how much do you actually earn? Your salary at Entiris? When […]

We remain maximally committed to our services

That we are experiencing extraordinary social and economic times is obvious to all. Within that context, we try to fulfill our valued partnership with YOU as our customer in the best possible way, taking into account the health of all our stakeholders, but especially that of our employees. For example, as of Monday, November 2, […]

Medical customization for multinationals and SMEs

Entiris has been offering its services to companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors for many years. At its Diest facility, Entiris operates more than 1,000m² of clean room area and low dust areas, all of which meet the strict regulations associated with them. Moreover, the company also has the necessary specialized personnel. Want to […]

Responsible energy consumption

It is becoming increasingly important that we as a society take action to improve the environment. Entiris also wants to contribute to this by producing in a more environmentally friendly way: the lowest possible energy consumption with maximum comfort for our employees. How we do this, you can read in the article below. Read the […]

Entiris – Nice place to work (The Sunday)

In about 50 years, customization company Entiris has grown to become one of the larger employers in Flemish Brabant and Antwerp, with 1,800 employees in various branches. The company provides adapted vocational activities to people with a recognized distance from the labor market. “Entiris has a pronounced social objective that we link to a cost-efficient […]